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Glenn Dale Gordon aka “GG” a Vietnam Era Disabled Veteran was born in a small town in South Carolina name Hemingway on September 11/1955. He joined the Army in 1973 at the young age of 17 years old and took his basic training at Fort Jackson SC in the month of June of that year. Glenn came from a military family and currently has family members serving now which is a tradition for his family.

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My Story

When he was on active duty in the Army he was a heavy equipment rough terrain forklift operator stationed in Germany doing 1974- 1976 transporting missiles in and out of bunkers and on and off heliports from Chinook helicopter. Then in 1976 he was transferred to Fort McClellan Alabama to serve from 1976 to 1978 as a senior front-end loader operator loading international dump trucks, building heliports, and tearing down old military buildings.

Glenn next stop after Alabama was back to Germany to serve a second tour in Mannheim Germany as a rough terrain forklift operator working at an ammunition depot transporting missiles in and out of train rail carts and in and out of bunkers. His unit in the 1970’s moved more ammunition than any unit at the time in Germany doing piece time and he was awarded the Army accommodation medal for his outstanding service. At the end of hos tour in Germany in 1980 he was then transferred to Fort Leonard wood as a 25 ton crane instructor for one year. So at the end of 1981 Glenn joined the reserves and became a DRILL SERGEANT.


He left the military all together without retiring in 1988 but shortly after he started experiencing back problems but the military would not allow him any disability for his back but they gave him 10% disability for his foot operation while he was still in service. Since Glenn could not get any disability for his back and the only thing the government would give him is many different back support belts that did not work and extremely strength pain killer pills, he decided to create his own back support belt and that is when “WE GOTCHA BACK” was born


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